Maybelline FitMe Loose Finishing Powder

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About the Brand

It is American makeup brand sold worldwide and a subsidiary of French Cosmetics company L’Oreal. It is headquarter in New York. Founded in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams.

About the Range

FitMe Range has foundations , Blush , Bronzers & Concealers . In this range you can find the shade range is quite good so you will find the perfect fit and achieve a natural makeup look

About the product

Loose Finishing Powder – Shade 10 – Fair Light

Product Description

  • It is a finely milled mineral based loose setting powder with light yellow tint. It has a slightly drying texture but is fine if you moisturize your face. Its settles matte and doesnot fill in to your pores.It is extremely lightweight and has a natural looking finish.

Product Packaging

It is quite travel friendly and compact. It comes in a square container with a black square Lid. Made of good quality Plastic glass. it will break if put down with force.the lid has holes to dispense the powder however it doesnot allow a lot to come out and doesnot get messy.

Product Ingredients

  • Talc
  • Dimethicone
  • Silica

Product Availability 

This is currently available only outside India ,, you can find it on Sephora , Ulta- Beauty and probably try ordering it through some Instagram online sites, They may charge a slightly more amount for the efforts taken of course :).

You can order it through Sephora.. please check for the terms and conditions prior to ordering it.

  • You can check this out at Nykaa for Rs 695.

Product Cost

7.99$ for 20g /.7 Ounce – Roughly about 560 Rs without shipping

How I use this product

I like to set my under-eyes using the loose powder and also like to chisel my cheek contour and my nose contour.

I like to bake my under-eyes using this and dust it off after about a min.. sets my undereyes and it doesnot move or smudge all day long.I also like to bake just below my cheek contour which enhances my contour more and gives my face a more slimmer look which I love. I also like to lightly brush it along the sides of my nose for a snatched look and trust me guys coming from someone who always believed she has the ugliest nose ever ,, its a huge thing.

My Final Review and Rating

I loved using this product , it gave my face a natural finish like the ones that we see on professional makeup artist 🙂 … its did not settle into my pores and that’s saying a lot since I do have a lot of pores. It gave my face a beautiful chiselled look and made my makeup last more than 8 hours easily.

My Rating (10 being the best )

  • 9.5/10 ( and that’s only because I have not tried so many more)

Have you tried the Maybelline FitMe Finishing Powder?? do let me know what you think about this. and your reviews as well


Luv Tess 🙂



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