All You need to need to know about Dimethicone!!!

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Shoutout to all the Makeup and skincare experts .. How many of you know what Dimethicone is?? I always used to wonder what is this ingredient that we always hear about and as skincare bloggers it is really essential to know the contents of what we use on our face. We see it on the ingredients list in small letters , we hear youtubers talking about it during products reviews , we hear brands talking about it in their product branding .. but do we really know what it means to use a product that contains Dimethicone.. Lets Find out..

What is Dimethicone?

DimethiconeSimply put , It is a chemical compound commonly known as PDMSPolydimethylsiloxane , a large molecule made of smaller molecules .This is man made in laboratories specifically to be used in skin products. It is a Silicon Based Polymer used commonly in personal care products. It is a Non- Biodegradable product and hence difficult to dispose and harmful to natural.

Dimethicone Uses

  • Foundations
  • Primers
  • skin Lotions
  • Hair Products – Detanglers , Serums
  • Diaper Rash Creams ( As it forms a thin barrier and protects the babys skin)

How Dimethicone works on the skin?


It is a polymer based oil that doesnot penetrate the skin surface but rather forms a barrier between the skin and product like a thin film on the skin. Basically in makeup language it forms a smooth base for us to out on our makeup.

Is Dimethicone Chemical Safe?

It has been FDA Approved to be used as a skin protect agent for Over The Counter Products and the CIR – Cosmetics Ingredients Reviews has approved it to be used in personal care products.

Is Dimethicone safe for our Skin?

Definitely it product is safe for our skin however the regular use of this product can damage the skin if not removed and cleansed off properly and if traces remain on the skin. It can cause acne and pimple if not cleansed properly because it traps the dirt , sebum , oils in the skin which accumulates to form pus causing breakouts.
Being a chemical it can also cause allergies or chemical reaction for certain types of skin.

How to use any product containing Dimethicone ?



Since it is a chemical , it is always better to test the product behind your arm to see if you have chemical reaction to the product. The ideal time for testing a product is 24 hrs.
Dimethicone products are best for people with skin imperfections such a pores , Acne Scars, skin bumps , uneven lines or texture as it helps in a smooth application of Base Makeup.

Other Sister compounds of Dimethicone?

Similar ingredients are Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol and Phenyltrimethicone.Always Keep an eye out on the ingredients list of any product and take extra care if the above ingredients are present.

Latest Application of Dimethicone

The sister compound Cyclomethicone is used in Hair products such as detanglers , Hair Serums ,conditioners to provide smoothness and easier comb through application.

My Honest View

I have mixed views about such products , I have uneven skin and large pores and on the days that I need a smooth base , these products are my holy grail. However I honestly donot use them on a daily basis and on the days I use I make sure that I properly cleanse my face using a good cleanser and them tone and moisturize . šŸ™‚

Moderate Use of this product containing Dimethicone is absolutely fine and I know some excellent products from top brands which are my favorites too.

Hope this article helps you get a better idea when you see the product ingredients of your makeup or skincare.

Do comment below if you found this article useful and what has been your experience using products containing Dimethicone.

Luv Tess
Insta ā€“ Boldnbeautifulwith_tess

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