My first ever Clean-up was during my 12th Grade and that was for my farewell party and trust me guys I cried .. Cried my heart out and finally told the beautician to stop and that I’m happy with how I look and don’t need to look more beautiful 🙂 .. this was in 2005 next 13 years no more cleanups ever.. no amount of blackheads on my nose inspired me to ever visit the salon.. and then peel off mask came .. I tried so many but the MOnd’Sub one beat them all and hence I thought let me share this with you guys  Also if you are person who gets satisfaction on seeing lots of grim and dirt on your peel like me  then this is the perfect mask for you.. so here goes

About the Brand

Now I searched for the brand site itself and it led me to Hair4Real Site which
I believe distribute the  brand in India. Mond’sub Paris has a wide range of dermatogically tested Face sheets ( Collagen , Anti Wrinkle  , Gold Mask) , Moisturizing Mask which are now available in India. they also have 3D mask that fit the skin perfectly like a second skin.

Product Description

Mond’sub Peeling Off Black Mask is a peel off mask primarily used to clean up the face specially the whiteheads and blackheads.It is a black liquid peel that needs to be applied on the face and then peeled off after it dries to almost like tissue. Now the product itself does have a strong pungent smell which goes away on application. Almost similar to a waxing experience if you have had any. Only trust me this is much LESS painfull 🙂

Product Packaging

It comes in a tubes with a clip cap which makes it perfect for travelling. It has all the product descriptions inscribed on the product itself. It comes in a 100Ml plastic press bottle. It has all the ingredients , and the method to use mentioned in a very detailed manner at the back which is very helpful to a newbie. It has a shelf of 3 years. The recommended usage is 3 times a week.This can be used for both men and women.

Product Ingredients


  • charcoal powder
  • polyvinylalcohol
  • propylene glycol
  • arbutin

Product Availability


Product is available through their distributors Hair4real , Nykaa , Amazon , Flipkart , Ebay

Product Cost

This is a highly affordable product at 399Rs and high quality product too which does what it claims

What The Brand Claims



This Product Contains Volcanic mud and Charcoal Powder , which has powerful penetration and can penetrate to the bottom of the skin thoroughly cleaning the skinpores. Makes the kin look more clean and bright . Added Arbutin extract , prevents the melanin precipitation and keeps the skin whiter and brighter and beautiful

How I use this product

I like to use this product once in two week mainly to clean up my skin for blackheads and whiteheads.

I first clean my face using any cleanser and then completely dry my face. I then apply the product on my T-Zone Area only because that is where I get my blackheads and have my pores.I initially used to apply with a brush but sometimes the brush picks up a lot of product and makes it to thick to peel , so I started using my fingers to apply a thin layer of the product to my face and this worked really well.

I then leave the mask till it dries ideally it says 20 mins but i like to leave it till it dries up completely even if it takes more time specially around the nose area. Then I simply start from one end and start peeling off the mask till it is completely off my face and then clean off any residue using my wipes.

My Final Review and Rating

I have been loving this product ever since I used this mainly because this has been my Holy Grail to removing blackheads without the pain of visiting the pain of needles poking into my nose. It is affordable and peel off Mask is off good quality.

The Mask itself can be easily removed and the residue if any can be easily wiped off using a skin wipe or water.

My Rating (10/10)

Definitely Must Buy Product for daily Skincare Routine

Hope this review helped you and will give you insight into making your purchase.Do let me know if you have used any other peel mask which is as good or which can be added to the above for skincare.

Luv Tess

6 Replies to “Best Peel-Off Mask Ever by MondSub”

  1. Good to know that this peel off mask works for your Skin. I have dry skin and prefer moisturizing masks. However on t zone I like to use a chemical exfoliant like Glycolic acid.


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