Top 3 Primers for 2018 for Textured Skin

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How many of you have always wondered ” Why .. Why do all the makeup gurus , Beauty gurus have perfect skin , smooth flawless skin ” which makes makeup appear so perfect on their skin.My friends .. I see You.. I always wondered how does so their skin look so perfect with no scars , no spots , not even a single pore. Well guys .. here’s the truth .. they also have imperfections probably the degree of imperfection is less but they have makeup skills to hide those flaws.. I have always suffered from textured skin and by textured I mean pores.. Large pores near my T-zone which always used to get oily and have makeup cakey or break into those pores.. I’m sure many of you also suffer from the same .


Well Guys today I am going to share with you how to get that perfect smooth skin as a base for all your makeup to go on smoothly onto your face and have that flawless finish to your makeup.

PRIMERS .. they are the key .. the king to your makeup..the right one can make or break the whole makeup look. I thought let me share with you the top three primers that I feel are best to cover and fill in your pores.I have chosen these primers based on how they work for me , consistency , price , availability and of course how they wear under makeup. All these primers are easily available on Nykaa, Amazon.

Top 3 Primers in Indian Market

  1. Loreal Base Magique – It is a drugstore primer , smoothening and brightening  base primer , it fills in the pores and makes the makeup last longer . It is slightly tinted in pink with a bouncy consistency . It needs to be warmed and then patted into skin to give a smooth base. It is on the pricey end for drugstore at 950 rs for 15 ml  but can get it for discounts on  Nykaa. It comes in a paint pot which can get messy and into your nails , But worth the product.

base Magique

2. Nyx Pore Filler – It is a tinted  Vitamin E pore filler that can be applied directly to the skin , it sits well under foundation and keeps the makeup lasting all day long.  It gives a powdery finish  and absorbs all the oil .This retails for 899 Rs for 20ml of the product. It  comes in a white tube packaging with a narrow nozzle to  dispense the product which is good.


3.PAC Bouncy Primer – It retails at 550 Rs  for 50 ml of products though it sounds really less product for a huge price . This primer just needs to be dotted , a small amount can cover your pores around the sides of cheeks and make it appear smooth and flawless. Its texture is as name suggest bouncy pink texture which blends into the skin, this also needs to be slighted warmed before applying to the skin so that it sits onto the skin well.

Now these are the primers easily available in India , however during my recent visit to US, I discovered my new Favorite which falls into my No.1 but their brand is not easily available in India though you can get them through online Instagram stores or even order and get them shipped internationally.

Elf Poreless Primer is my current obsession and My HG (Holy Grail ) , A little amount of the product  goes a long way and the wearability is really long . Also it just cost $6 (420 Rs avg ) which is really affordable and rated the NO.1 in US. #elfprimers


Also if I dont mention the Benefits Porefessional Primer would be a ultimate primer crime on my part since that is the best pore primer available but it is an extremely high end product and also you get the almost same wearability from the above products since nnot adding it onto my Top 3 list :).

A few points to keep in mind while selecting a primer for Pores

  • consistency – Pore filler will always be slightly thick and bouncy to fill into the pores
  • Always warm the product before applying to see how it blends
  • Pore filler will always have Dimethicone as ingredient
  • pore filler will never be runny or oily or liquidey in consistency

Hope the above tips help you to find the right product for your skin and trust me guys you will never have to worry about those pores again.

Here’s also a HOME REMEDY to Reduce the Appearance of Pores. – Rub Ice Cube on your face for 2 mins about half n hour before you want to apply makeup and those pores will magically reduce and help your makeup stay matte on your face …

Beauty Effects Of Ice Cubes_4

Do let me know below if you want me to review any of these products individually and is there any other favorite pore filling primers that you love. Hope this review helped you guys out there..


Ciao .. Luv Tess

18 Replies to “Top 3 Primers for 2018 for Textured Skin”

  1. I rarely use Primer but your review I am bookmarking. It’s a treasure trove of information I can use later when I need to get a primer.


  2. I rarely use make-up, and one of the reasons is that they dont stay. good post about primers and thanks for recommending 3 options to get me started. will check these out.


  3. Primers are indeed the best and very helpful. I love my nyx primer as it make my skin look flawless… thanks for the detailed post..


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