2018 has been a great year for me .. bought makeup , got makeup ,collaborated.. All I can say is that there’s lot of makeup on my table that I have used , tested , still testing .. but one thing I have to say all these trials have helped me figure out which products works best , which ones are more pigmented and totally worth the price and I thought Why not share this with you, Even if this helps one of you select your makeup it would be good enough for me .. so Lets hit it for my top recommendations in the A – Z of Makeup.


Top Illuminator

Colorbar Spotlight illuminating Lotion – I was always searching for an face illuminator that would give my face a subtle glow without any glitter or No shine particles in it and after a lot of trials i found this one from Colorbar . This gives a natural healthy pre-glow to the skin before applying makeup and makes your skin look well prepped for makeup.

Top Primer

I suffer from large pores on my skin which makes makeup on my skin look uneven and sometimes cakey specially when you layer on makeup,I wont deny I have tried a lot of primers many were oily , did not stick , or just disappeared but I found the perfect affordable option in December πŸ™‚ Elf poreless Face primer . This primer is slightly thick but blends easily into the thing but the BEST part is that a dot of this is enough to smooth the skin and give a good base for the rest of the makeup.

I also loved using Benefits Porefessional Primer , it is thick and tinted to skin colour and makes your pores vanish and makeup lasts all day however it is quite expensive and high end and cant be used in a daily basis , however I do use that for those special occasions when I want my makeup to have that extra oomph look and full day Glam.

Top Foundation


Loreal Infalliable Collection – This is a my latest find in December when I visited the US. I honestly have not used foundation as my routine makeup and this is because I felt foundation is heavy duty , sometimes makes you look like a ghost , and also can make the whole look cakey. However after using the Loreal Infallible ProGlow foundation my whole opinion has changed and this is a must wear for me now . Absolutely lightweight , medium – full coverage and full glam foundation which makes your skin look natural and dewy.

After trying out this foundation , I also tried the Infalliable Pro- Matte foundation and loved that too , highly affordable and must have on the vanity table. both these foundations blend like a dream.

Would suggest this to all who were scared of layering on foundation to their skin.

Top Compact

WetnWild Megaglo Contouring Palette – This palette I picked up from US though it is also available in India . I picked the shade Dulce De Leche – which is my perfect for Highlight those undereyes and T-zones and the perfect dark shade for my contour without making me look too mudy or dark.These powders are also a dream to blend into the skin.

This palette does have quite a bit of fallout but for the price at which it is avaiable and the quality of the powders this does not really concern me .

Top Contour

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer – I did not realy know the power of a good contour and this has been my biggest find of 2018 . a good contour can give you those chiselled model like face and perfecting how to contour took me like 6 months.. ugh πŸ™‚ . But hell ya I have perfected it and this step is a must do for me. Butter bronzer from physicians Formula is perfect cause it is easy to blend , is the perfect shade of brown ( not muddy or look like dirt on face ) ,and does not disappear from the face.

Another good option of high end bronzer the Hoola Bronzer from Benefits Cosmetics which again blends easily and sits well on foundations . However this is quite costly and more like an investment.

Finding a good contour brush helps a lot in the perfect contour.

Top Blush

Nyx ombre Blush – Honestly I have not really explored the blush options , however the ombre blush from nyx – Shade – Soft Flush – peach pink silver hint provides that natural peach glow to the skin , perfect for fair toned , and easily blends on the cheeks.

Top Highlighter

Nykaa Glow Getter ! Highlighter Duo 24k Glam 01 – Yes this has been my favorite highlight mainly cause this comes on two shades and also these are pure pigments without glitter in them. the pink toned highlight is perfect for day and the gold glow is perfect for the night .

Mine have hit pan which speaks for itself :).

Top Setting Powder

Maybelline Fitme Powder are the best available at affordable range . These are now available in India. I recently started using this to bake. Well baking the face has been a new added step for me . But if you are a pro in makeup then this is a must find. I have done a whole blog post just on this , click the below link to read more.


Top Lipstick

I have obviously tried a hell lot of lipticks and my drawer space has not been enough.

N.y. Bae Liquid Lipsticks – Really pigmented , matte finish , doe applicator and really affordable for a newbie.

Favorite Shades

  • Lit as Time Square Bali – 6
  • Sitcom special – 12

Mac Lip – Mac Minis have been a God find , they released this in October , And I had to pick up the RubyRoo which ll were raving about and of course that has been my favorite red since. Now this red is special since it gives a different shade of red depending on your skin tone which is perfect.


Top Eye Makeup

Eyeliner – I have never been able to wing a prefect cat wing but this helped me to do it with ease and perfection. WetnWild Megaglo Liner has been a really good affordable find. does not dry fast , and is quite pigmented. They have them is lots of shades.


Eye Kajal – I have always had an issue with kajol smudging onto my undereyes or on the top lid , i have found the Chambor black kajol – 101 Black Dazzle , you get .28 gms of the product which is decent has intense black pigmentation , can be smudged without bleeding into the eyes. It does not bleed , transfer or move unless you sweat excessively .

Mascara – The maybelline mascara series have been my favorite . Long wear , waterproof , extended falsies look. the falsies Push up Drama is my absolute favorite.

Eyebrow – I never really knew to draw my eyebrows till a beautician tested benefit product. but i did not want to invest in such a high ended product without knowing how to draw beautiful brow . I found a benefit dupe from cover girl – dark brunette . the pencil is quite fine and easy to draw. not very heavy pigmented and also has a spoolie brush on one end to brush the eyebrows to shape.

Top Eyeshadow – My favorite go to palettes have been Morphe 32B Palette , Juvias Palette.

Morphe 32B palette has all the colours that I need to create those bold colour eye looks.

Juvias palette is highly pigmented and has those bold glitters to create a good crease eyelook and the fall out is minimal.

Also have to mention the Wet n Wild eye shadow palette – Rose in the Air one has been the all time favorite with that palette being out of stock most of the time . The fall out is minimal and pigmentation is decent, Also it is a good palette if you are a beginner to eye makeup.


Lastly to end this , my favorite makeup remover has been the Garnier Micellar Water – Oil infused , this is perfect for removing the eye makeup in a single wipe. Also removes the liquid lipstick without leaving any stain on the lips.


Do let me know which have been your favorites for 2018 and absolute re-buys for 2019. Is there a CULT FAVORITE of yours . Comment Below . I hope this helps you pick up the best makeup for yourself this year .Also all of these products are available at Nykaa and Sephora ( either India or US ).

Thanks for reading through this long but one I enjoyed scripting blog. Much Love.


Luv Tess

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