I have been going on and off last year with my Keto Diet. “One month of keto , lose 3 kgs and then back to junk food and gain back 5 kgs”. This has been an on and off routine last year. But one thing that i have realised is that keto is the best suited diet for me , suited to my style of eating , catering to my need for meats and some thing that I can stick on to long term . So this year I plan on taking you all along with me on this organic weight loss journey ( my option of course 🙂 )

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This article will be a brief on the keto diet , and what it is all about and to prepare yourself for this diet . I will blog , try to blog once a week about this diet and how I journey through this.

What is THE KETO Diet?

Keto Diet is the diet that constitutes 75% Fat , 20% protein and 5 % carb. In layman terms I would like to call it the HIGH FAT Vs LOW CARB Health Lifestyle.

As you begin to increase the intake of fats , the body gets adapted to fat , depletes the glucogen reserves and begins to use the fat ketones to fuel the body.The body basically runs on fat Ketones and not on glucose which helps to burn out all those stubborn calories in your belly / thighs / arms . This is called inducing your body to the state of ketosis.

When the body is in ketosis , it uses fat as a fuel to for all energy using those fat reserves from places you thought you would never lose fat.


Some of you may have doubt HIGH FATS ? LOSE WEIGHT ? . girl does this work??

Friends this does work , Mono and saturated fats are the best kind for your body and carbs * ( bad carbs ) are the enemy. also the best part is that you are not eliminating the carbs completely but adding just the good carbs and reducing the sugars in your diet which is good.

The best part about this diet is that it allows you space for all your cheat days , your sugar cravings , your wine days , party nights and all.

Benefits of Keto

  • Healthy Eating Lifestyle
  • incorporate the good carbs as against bad carbs
  • less hunger cravings – feeling full –>less eating

Advantages of Keto

  • Easy preparation – Most food meals are prepared in microwave/grill and also can be made in pans while multitasking. If you are a homemaker who needs to prepare food for  kids and husband. try preparing Keto sides Dishes and of course the extra rice or chapattis. It still is easy just a bit extra effort.
  • Pocket Friendly – Traditionally Vegetables and fruits are more expensive specially the organic ones , in keto 75% is fat so your consumption will mostly come from oils , butter , fatty meats which can be bought in bulk for two/ three weeks and meats stays in freezer for quite a long time.
  • Hunger Cravings Disappear – Eating Fats over time can reduce those hunger pangs that you feel at late night or that snack tendency or even that midnight kitchen sneak that most of us are in the habit.
  • Sweeteners/Sweets – Most diets avoid sweet snacks or chips or your favorite brownie whereas in the keto-diet you dont need to do any of that .. Now dont mistake me you cant eat potato fries or chips . But.. you can substitute that for Pepperoni chips /zuchini chips/ Cheese chips ..yummy right .. if not guys then Keto is not the way for you. For those chocolate cravings you can have a Lindt – 85% dark chocolate bar or you can prepare a fudgy , creamy soft gooey chocolate brownie using substitute Keto flour and keto sweeteners.


  • Medical benefits – The Keto lifestyle has also been medically recommended by doctors for arthritis , diabetes , body inflammations.

Why I chose this?

  • Suits my lifestyle and eating habits – I love fast and junk food specially the pizza , burgers , my meats ( all kinds 🙂 ) with less to no fruit intake. this diet helps me to do the same by preparing the all this at home at zero / low carbs. I don’t need to reduce my eggs / chicken or red meat , I get my carbs from my favorite veggies like cauli and broccoli and the  best part I can have my sugar intake* as well ( caution – read below ). Also not a big fan of rice and can do without the chapathi’s.
  • Incorporates my love for meats – I love my eggs , chicken , beef , mutton , fish in whatever form I can get them . Now this probably sounds bit gross but hey I am a meat gal through and through . I basically have meat three times a day and for me this diet incorporates this hence damn easy to follow.


  • My belief – Now I have tried and tested this diet form last year , went keto for just 30 days ( again with my cheat days ) and trust me guys I lost 13 kgs straight off . And guys this with the laziest form of keto. Also last year I have seen lots of info on this and the kind of food and nutrient into keto and strongly with passion believe that this fits my life , body and mindset of food . Hence i now strongly believe this diet works for my body.

Steps on How to Prepare a Diet


  1. Realization  -Now guys before starting any form of diet the main thing you need is the realization that you need to lose some extra pounds , or that you need to change to a healthy lifestyle. Once that kicks in , you can research the kind of diet that you want to follow. There are many types believe  me, off my head , Atkins , Paleo , etc etc etc .
  2. Weight / Body measurements -Once you have done that the next step is to “Weigh yourself ” , don’t be afraid guys , trust me I know how it feels , I was afraid to even see a weigh scale but you got to start somewhere to check your weight and then make a quick note somewhere .Also I would suggest getting a measuring tape – Not necessary but advised and then keep a track
  3. Tracking  Weights – I would never suggest anyone to weigh yourself daily and then beat yourself , weight once in two weeks . or once a month if you still have those jiters seeing your weight. NEVER weigh daily guys , this is a long term process and you are not going to see the results immediately
  4. Decide the diet – There are many forms of Diet there , figure out what works best for you and then follow and research on that ; join Youtube pages , read google , you can also follow blogs as well.
  5. Eliminate / Purchase – Based on the diet , throw out ( i do not encourage waste ) / pack them and give it to your neighbours or househelp. Get rid of anything that hinders your diet and make a list of everything basic that you need for diet .

Now if you are a mom like me then you know that certain things like chips / chocolate / biscuits ,RICE can never be eliminated , all you can do is try not to consume and have the will not to 🙂 Abd remember guys there is always a substitute in keto.. all you need is to ask someone not necessary me 🙂

NOTE : Recipes / Snacks  – Keep a note / journal of the recipes that you can prepare through the week . Keep a track of the snacks that you are allowed to eat during that time.

And that’s it guys , make sure you follow through with it once you have decided to make the change .

“Results never come fast , slow results are there to stay so give it time and patience”

Following the ketogenic way of eating can be a huge decision and life changing. You may also have lot of questions and doubts from people but you don’t need to know everything to start just the will power n belief and of course money..:) . If you would like to follow me this year on my weight journey with Keto Diet , like and follow me on this blog and my instagram page for more detailed blogs and recipes on Keto.


Lets do this together.

Ketogenic transformations are real and there to stay , you can follow this with me.Follow me on my instagram @boldnbeautifulwith_tess and my blog for weekly updates on Keto recipes and articles which I feel I wished I knew and  helped me understand Keto better

Luv Tess

24 Replies to “The 2019 Keto Diet Resolution”

  1. Well I have been on keto for almost 2 years and one thing that Keto is not – is affordable! With chicken and meat and whey being a part of ur everyday diet, it tends to make food costlier.


  2. Its motivating to see such diet posts during start of the year so we have our goals set for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Choosing right diet that works for you is important but sticking to it and making healthy choices every day is super important too. Thanks for sharing details about keto diet. My husband follows it and i have to do it too.


  3. Fitness being an active part of my lifestyle I’ve come to believe everyone is suited to their own particular diet. While I haven’t tried Keto diet it’s definitely interesting enough to try once atleast.


  4. Like u mentioned….. Healthy lifestyle is the Key.

    Add ons I must say…Eat on time. Lots of water before or after a meal not during. Lots of Sun and Vitamin D. Stay Happy and comfy in ur skin. . . Will set up for the long run


  5. I have been only hearing about the keto never really thought of doing it reason being diet is not my cup of tea 😋 after reading your blog I feel I should try it . Being a vegetarian I would like to know more options in veg other than salads 😊


  6. Even though he world is abuzz with the Keto diet I barely knew anything about it. However, after reading the post I realize it is pretty doable and a fun diet. I wanted to know if there are any fruits that are not recommended in the diet?


  7. With so many diet options, finding the one that suits you best is so important. Personally, I have heard two sides for Keto diet also, works for some and not for others. I guess all lies in how dedicated you are to the diet. 🙂


  8. Beautifully composed post on Keto Diet. Normally we see only basic info on KD. I must say you have gone that extra mile to explain in details. I am myself into fitness and nutrition so I loved this post totally.. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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