Liquid Glow 24Carat Gold Serum – Glamaroma Beauty

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I have recently started loving the use of beauty oils to enhance my skin glow and skin freshness. I love the glow that the skin gives after the using these oils either overnight or as primer oil or simple as brightening oil. Best part of these oils or serums is that they are available as natural , organic and are multipurpose in nature which makes it great. Quality of such oils matter since we use this on skin and also since my skin is slightly on the sensitive side and has oily texture I like to use oils that give me the glow but not the oily skin look. I discovered this beauty brand Glamaroma Beauty .. so lets talk more about this brand and the product.


About Brand

Glamaroma brand is an Indian brand that has specialises in Hair & Skin CAre , Fragrances and cosmetics. They have everything starting from skincare to treat body and skin to their exquisite range of pigmented makeup. They create the most natural , chemical free and eco-friendly product s. They are completely paraben. They are available on Instagram and you can find their range of products with details on their website. They are user friendly with quick customer service. and I also felt that they create the best quality products.

They are available on website –


Product Description

24K Gold Serum is one of their bestseller on their website. I would describe it as a “Melted gold liquid flakes butter” The serum not too thin or runny but medium viscous which has real gold flakes in it. Its has a pleasant rosy fragrance with slight lemony scent to it and not at all too strong. the gold flakes literally melts into the skins giving a bright , and instant uplift to the skin.

Product Packaging

It comes in a black tinted glass vial with a dropper to measure out how much you need . The product is wrapped with gold colored paper with all the product details mentioned on the front and the directions on how to use it on the back. The expiration date of the product is one year which is mentioned . The vial contains about 15 ml of the product. The dropper itself I felt is quite classy with white and gold encasing giving it a finished look and perfect for our vanity tables.

Product Ingredients

  • 24 Karat Gold Flakes
  • Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Orange Peels
  • Jojoba
  • Lavender oil – Lemongrass Oil
  • Vitamin E

Product Availability

You can buy the product on their website which is or you can even DM them on their Instagram page. Their website is quite user friendly and easy to scroll through. They have their bestsellers on the front page. What I really loved about their brand is that they will also personally help you with your skin concerns and recommend you their best product suited to your skin needs.

Shipping is also available to US and UK

Product Cost

The 24K Gold Serum is quite reasonable at 1200Rs for 15ml of the product. Considering that it has real gold flakes in it and it is a multipurpose oil.

Brand Claims

capture 1

They claim that the serum Lighten Blemishes and scars , Brightens the skintone , promotes Anti-ageing, works well with sunscreen , Makeup primer , moisturizer, repairs skin damage. It works as a lip primer by plumping and hydrating the lips. It can be used daytime and Night time both.

Use 3-4 drops on cleansed dry face and apply evenly.

Advantages of using 24Karat Gold

  • promotes skin elascity
  • lightens skin
  • repairs scars
  • Calms Skin


How I use this product

While this product can be used in multiple ways , My favorite use for this is to use this as a makeup primer. This is how I use it – Use it to hydrate if my skin is extremely dry – 15 mins prior to makeup. I also use it as a makeup primer oil – mainly to add a dewy glow to my skin – apply it before a mattefying primer. I use it as a lip primer to hydrate my lips mainly to apply liquid lipsticks .Also if I feel my lipstick is too dry I like to apply a drop of this oil to the center lip cupid.

I like to just apply a drop to either side of my face and slowly blend it in with upward circle motions. It melts like butter into the skin. After this I apply any matte primer to my T-zones only since they tend to get oily. this gives my skin a perfect dewy look which is not too dry and the perfect natural makeup skin look.

Also I would like to mention that while I don’t use this night time ( let me say this I don’t use this night time cause I was too stingy to use this at night cause it was gold guys :)). I did not have any breakout from using this product , no skin issues , skin felt soft and moist.

My Final Review and Rating

I loved using this product , both the quality and the quantity , also the way it applied to my skin . Hence I am rating this

10/10 – Extremely recommending this product to you guys

Honestly I have not really found any other Serum in India that gives this kind of pre glow and dewy highlighted look to my makeup look Without making my skin look too oily. I have even used rosehip Oil by itself and it made my face look too oily and makeup melted off. If you are someone who suffers from dry , flaky skin specially when you tend to apply foundation or more layers of makeup this is perfect for you. Also if you are a professional makeup artist well then you know the importance of a moisturized skin. This is also perfect for all brides to be.


Hope this review helped you guys.Do let me know your views on this product and if you know of any other oil/ serum that worked well with your makeup.Thanks for your love and care always

Always with Luv Tess

8 Replies to “Liquid Glow 24Carat Gold Serum – Glamaroma Beauty”

  1. I absolutely love products that target towards glow. Glowing skin immediately tells how good is the skincare routine. I have not tried the brand before but will add the serum to my buying list.


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