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Hi there you guys, Thanks so much for stopping by. How you guys doing. this year , I am all about the organic pure products , I have always found they tend to be safer to use , no testing needed and yes no side effects at all.   Today I wanted to write about a brand that I truly loved using and having been enjoying lately. This product i carried with me when I traveled to the US and yeah it was a  good decision. First of all let me tell you guys the product , I sometimes forget that I have not introduced the product , because I have the product clearly in my head 🙂 . We are talking about the Lavender Facial Toning Mist by Juicy Chemistry.


I love using Face mist and sprays especially after a long shower. It hydrates the skin back with  moisture lost  and natural organic oils and fragrance. You will smell so fresh and beautiful and also feel good. These face mist are easy to carry and travel friendly too. Today I am going to introduce you to one of my favorite face mist till date from a well known brand Juicy Chemistry.


Juicy Chemistry is brand co-founded by two budding entrepenurs  Pritesh & Megha Asher in 2014 , with the aim of “simplified skincare” is their tagline. They use the purest and most natural ingredients that the nature has to provide. They harvest all ingrdients from organic Farm which is 100 % organic  – EcoCERT Certified by COSMOS. They are based out of Chennai.



The COSMOS Standards sets out innovative , challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics that consumers can trust , clear for industry and good for environment.The COSMOS products are produced to the highest standards which are more safe and effective to use without any adverse effects.

Product & Packaging

Lavender Water is a Hydrating Facial Toning Mist which can be used for both dry to medium skin.It is 100% organic and steam distilled. The net weight is 100ml  and is best for 12 months from the date of manufacture. This needs to be stored in a cool dry place preferable to refrigerate the product which increases the shelf life of the product.

Honestly I did not store it in any fridge but I did keep it in my table which is away from sunlight so I would carry suggest keep this product away from sunlight or heat.

The product comes in a black filmed spray bottle with a black pump applicator. The bottle is hard plastic , not at all flimsy or low quality. The bottle is wrapped with good quality paper with embossed details of the product. The quality of the printing is that even if water sprays it retains and nothing happens to the bottle.The product has all the directions on how to use it on the bottle itself so you can throw away the box.

The bottle comes with a pump cap , however the cap was not too tight and did not click which was a bit tricky while travelling , it used to come loose often , however it did not leak into my travel bag.

Product Ingredients

Lavandula Angustifolia ( Lavender) Distillate

Let us talk about this single ingredient a bit – it is produced by the steam distillation of Lavender . This is much less lighter than lavender oil and lighter in weight and fragrance. it can be used directly on the face and body and also on household bedding etc


Ingredients are 100% obtained from Organic farming Cosmos Organic which is certified  by Ecocert Greenlife  according to the COSMOS Standards

Product Availability

The product is available on their website http://www.juicychemistry.in.

juicy chemistry -

They are also available on Nykaa, Amazon and Flipkart.

Product Cost

The bottle is 100ml and cost about 450Rs which I believe that is quite affordable for pure organic products.

Brand Claims

Hydrates and refreshes your skin

Spritz New life into your dry or sensitive skin . It is a cleanser , toner , and moisturiser in one . The toning mist harnesses the power of of Lavender and hydrates the skin, restores the skin PH balance and tomes your skin. Its powerful anti-oxidants helps to combat the effect of pollutants on the skin and soothe irritation on skin. Calm your skin with Lavender hydrosol.


How I use this product

I love using this face mist after my shower, I spritz this across my face and neck too and don’t wipe it using a wipe . I let it dry by itself . It takes about 2 mins to dry as it is distilled water and after  that my skin feels so hydrated and plump. While i have never used this product to cleanse my face , that is simply because I use heavy makeup and this cleanser would not clean up anything :). This can also work as a toner but it would not reduce appearance of pores, it would just give the skin the moisture and plumpness.

Also I carried this with my in my travel bag , does not leak or spill into the bag , also really helpful when you are on long trips to just refresh and liven up.

The mist is quite fine but it does not dry immediately takes some time to dry.

I prefer using it after shower and in the morning after I have washed my face with cleanser. This leaves my skin hydrated throughout the day along with a moisturizer.

My Final Review and Rating

I definitely liked using this product , the faint smell of lavender felt good on wet skin.the only thing I did not like was that it did not dry enough quickly specially if i used it before a makeup .

My rating – 7/10

i would definitely recommend this to someone who has sensitive skin and acne prone skin , since this is 100% organic and natural and very light on the skin. This i perfect for those who love those simple natural and easy  skincare. This is perfect for those with troubled skin as you don’t have to use fingers or wipes and can let it dry .The beauty of the product is that is 100% organic and so affordable.


DO let me know your thoughts on Organic Skincare Brands and this Lavender Mist. Have you used this before or any other Juicy Chemistry Products.. Would you get this product for yourself

15 Replies to “100% Organic Lavender Water – Juicy Chemistry”

  1. Lavender not only promises an awesome aromatic experience but its use in an organic product ensures that the facial mist is 100 percent trustworthy and beneficial to the skin. I like your honest review.


  2. My niece would understand all that you wrote. From me as a bloggers perspective, what I liked about your review was that it is unbiased. You have shown both sides of the coin and I love that honesty. Thank you for yet another wonderful post.



  3. Love the fact that its 100% organic and is very soothing to troubled skin. Good to know that it has anti-oxidants that help to combat the effect of pollutants on the skin and soothe irritation on skin. I think the packaging is travel-friendly too.


  4. I have also decided to go organic with my skincare this year. This face mist seems quite great & lavender is my favorite fragrance. I am definitely checking it out. Thanks for your review.


  5. I also love using face mist after having shower. This looks refreshing and love that it’s made from organic and chemical free ingredients. Seems promising from your experience


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