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Hi Guys , How you guys been . I have been busy with my packing for my return to India .. Well I am honestly super excited to go back to India , Nothing can ever beat the action packed road racing , traffic pack , and of course people on street . You can never find a person on the street. I love crowded streets and busy life ,, and it never gets better than Namma Bengaluru. So moving on…

If you guys have seen my last post about the best Organic Skincare from Juicy Chemistry . If you are a lover of Organic Skincare , then I have another product for here , I have yet another product for you from the organic “Kadaku Plum Range”. The Vitamin C Rich Serum – Juicy Chemistry . If you are a Vitamin C Lover and serum hard core girl then this review is for you.




Juicy Chemistry is brand co-founded by two budding entrepenurs  Pritesh & Megha Asher in 2014 , with the aim of “simplified skincare” is their tagline. They use the purest and most natural ingredients that the nature has to provide. They harvest all ingrdients from organic Farm which is 100 % organic  – EcoCERT Certified by COSMOS. They are based out of Chennai.

The COSMOS Standards sets out innovative , challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics that consumers can trust , clear for industry and good for environment.The COSMOS products are produced to the highest standards which are more safe and effective to use without any adverse effects.

Product & Packaging

Vitamin C Serum is made with Kadaku Plum , Grapefruit and passion Fruit. It is almost like an oil with has a pleasant fruity fragrance , a very slight smell . It has a slight yellow tint to it and gets absorbed to the skin leaving a slight oily skin surface. It is not thick or viscous but really light weight.

It comes in a black glass bottle with stopper .The glass is blackened to protect it from sunlight and the stopper is silver and black. It has all the directions and details on a paper wrapping the bottle but it does get oily and messy when the oils drips or leaks out . The brand recommends to store it in the fridge preferably.

Honestly I did not store it in any fridge but I did keep it in my table which is away from sunlight so I would carry suggest keep this product away from sunlight or heat.

Product Ingredients

  • Passion Fruit
  • Hempseed Oil
  • camellaseed Oil
  • Kadaku Plum
  • Red Raspberry
  • pomegranala
  • Neroli
  • Vit E
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Lavender
  • Bergamot

Let us talk out the ingredients a bit – Hempseed Oil – derived from hemp seeds is perfect for most skin types , can be used to moisturize without clogging the skin , moisturizes and soothes inflammation. It contains GLA – Gamma Linolenic Acid which is a powerful anti inflammatory , also rich is omega 3 , omega 6 fatty acids.

Camella Seed oil again is a common find in Japanese beauty treatments is a powerful antioxidant.

KadakuPlum is a rich source of Vitamin C and is perfect for acne, inflammation , moisture. reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.

Neroli Oil is from bitter orange tree is perfect for oily and combination based skin , treats blemishes and balances the oils.

Ylang Ylang Oil is extracted from the flowers of herb cananga odorata genuina .Perfect for  acne , oily skin and oil balance.

Ingredients are 100% obtained from Organic farming Cosmos Organic which is certified  by Ecocert Greenlife  according to the COSMOS Standards

Product Availability

The product is available on their website http://www.juicychemistry.in.

juicy chemistry -

They are also available on Nykaa, Amazon and Flipkart.

Product Cost

The bottle is 10ml and cost about 850Rs which I believe that is quite pricey but it is pure organic products and safe to use without any side effects.

Brand Claims

Ageing is a fact but looking old is not.restore your youth with our powerful Vitamin C infused serum. Vit C plays a vital role in collagen synthesis thereby softening the existing fine lines and wrinkles and preventing the new ones from forming . Kadaku Plum being one of the richest source of vit C enhances the skin texture and firmness . It also blesses you with even toned blemish free skin. Passion fruit protects you from photo damage and promotes anti aging . Grapefruit regulates the oil production and helps in refining the skin and shrinking the pores making the skin smooth and soft like you have always dreamed of.

Recommended USE :Post washing the face with our cleanser , use the hydrating toner and wait for it to get completely absorbed . Take a couple of drops of the serum and apply it directly to the face . Massage it gently paying special attention to the troubled spots and you can also leave it overnight

How I use this product

Now let me break my usage into day and night.

At night I like to use it as the brand encourages directly on to my face . It gets absorbed in to the skin and by morning I have nice plump soft and nourished skin. I have noticed a reduced appearance of wrinkles on my forehead and skin does feel soft and plump.It does smell nice and fragrant which is pleasant to fall asleep.

At day however I do not apply it directly to my face since it does give a slightly oily appearance . My skin is normal tone and gets oily towards the end of the day hence what I do is add a drop or two not more to my foundation and then apply it to my skin . This gives my skin a dewy nourished and healthy appearance. You can also apply  a drop or two when u wake so that your skin is prepped for the day and it will keep the moisture locked in. Here I get both the benefits of Vit-C and moisture on my skin.

I also like to apply this to my lips to moisturize my lips and also use this for my skin DIYs

Also I carried this with my in my travel bag , does not leak or spill into the bag , also really helpful when you are on long trips to just refresh and liven up.The bottle does tend to get a bit oily and messy due to oil residue but I cam live with that.

My Final Review and Rating

I do enjoy this product especially when I have dry or flaky skin. This helped me a lot in US because it is winters here. So this is perfect for winters to apply on skin , mix with foundation , hydrate and plump lips and even as a oil for hair.

My rating – 8/10

i would definitely recommend this to someone who has sensitive skin and acne prone skin , since this is 100% organic and natural  and balances the oils. This is perfect for those who love those simple natural and easy  skincare.The beauty of the product is that is 100% organic.

Organic Beauty Skincare is the best kind of skincare available , these serums can be used in multiple ways and hence form the best bedside skincare. Let me know what you thought about this Vit C Serum from Juicy Chemistry and the organic benefits of this product. Catch you later.

With Lotsa Love


15 Replies to “100% Organic Rich Vitamin C Serum – Juicy Chemistry”

  1. For sensitive skin types as me this seems like a must have in my overnight kit.

    The fact that it is easily accessible on some of the best online portals is good news about the brand too.



  2. I have personally used their products and I an super impresI have personally used their products and I an super impressed and love the organic range of skin care they have to offer


  3. I am such a skincare ènthusiast and have a huge cabinet full of my active serums and treatments. Vitamin C serums are perfect for making skin even and brightening it . I’m currently using Sunday Riley C.E.O rapid flash brightening serum. I will check out this brand too xx


  4. I’ve been looking for vitamin C rich serum and it’s benefits for skin since long. This is very helpful post, would love to try for skin brightening and rejuvenation


  5. While most people pick up products from abroad on their holiday, it’s great that you have chosen an organic product from our own. I liked the detailed review. It seems like a harmless product with only goodness attached to it.


  6. I just love serums and juicy chemistry is my favorite brand for them. And i always keep my serum handy. loved your detailed review..


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