There are those days when I just feel so damn lazy and want to whip up a quick lunch or dinner specially when you are on keto and there are limited things you can have. My favorite go to ingredient are eggs , they are so easy to cook with alone or with added ingredients.

Here is one my favorite dishes that i like to prepare on those day when I like it simple and quick.

I have just used three ingredients , now you can add or subtract , spice up as you wish depending on your macros / calorie intake.

Now before I start , let me put it put out there I am not a cook , not a professional cook , I started cooking after marriage or as I would like to say forced into learning it when my husband told me he would like to die after having a cup of tea/coffee or food from my hands and then I started . Now for all those judgmental people let me also say this is not my moms or dad fault they all tried teaching me to cook specially my mom but I just never felt the urge or need.

So Please excuse me as i will not be measuring the details , I do it as I see fit with varying quantities and with I feel taste good together. These are the recipes that I learnt during my keto journey last year.

Keto Egg Bacon Omlette


  • Eggs – 2 (medium Sized)
  • Bacon – 3 slices –
  • Capsicum / Green Bell Pepper – 1/2 of a whole



How to Prepare

  1. First cook up the bacon , I cut it into small piece and let the fat cook. Do not add any butter as We will be using the fat from bacon. so no extra fat needed.
  2. as  the bacon begins to brown , add in the capsicum sliced .Let them cook for about 30 secs on high heat
  3. crack the two eggs and give it a quick mix so all spread evenly. you can do this on low heat.img20190108205709
  4. close it with a  lid and let it simmer for a minute.img20190108205918
  5. Garnish with spices .I used pink salt (Himalayan Salt) , pepper , crushed chillis, basil

That’s it guys easy peasy , a recipe in about 5 mins and your lunch / dinner is done . Now if you need to prepare for family , you can cook the same in larger quantities with chapathis for them . Trust me that will love it. Also you can add more ingredients like tomatoes ,chicken bits , more veggies.


No Rice / Chapathis  for you remember no rice flour / atta during keto.

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Stay tuned to my blog for more super easy recipes in keto and watch yourself lose the weight.



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