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Hi Guys ,

How have you been ? I have been so busy in the past two weeks , busy with my travel and a mini vacation of course 🙂 . I had been to Goa for a week and totally loved it , I need to take my mind of things for a bit and totally loved the break , the sun and the beaches of course. As you all know , beauty and beaches mostly don’t go together. Beaches means sun , humidity , blown hair , tanned skin , sometimes blotchy skin. But honestly this time I had planned that I would look good and take care of my skin at the beach.

In olden days saffron and sandal wood used to be the luxurious gift to the skin , they were considered the secret to that dewy glowy smooth fair skin. Nowadays the importance of red sandal wood has gone lost among st all the high end chemical products which give the instant solution that we need . but we don’t realize that using certain natural ingredients can be beneficial for body and skin in the long term.

Today I am going to write about a product that helped me to hydrate my skin daily and also helped me look my best with natural dewy glow at the beach and for the night time at the shacks too..


I am going to introduce you to Drops of Glow from the Brand Bellavitta Organic with details of the product features.

About the Brand

Bellavita Organic is an Indian Brand , that makes all natural products . All their products are free from SLES / Parabens and other harmful chemicals . Their philosophy Bella- Vita meaning The Good Life is dedicated to creating handcrafted  and organic beauty solutions inspired by the natural elements of the earth and age old beauty practices . The ingredients are sourced directly from the fields of Kerala & South East Asia , these products aim to bring unadulterated , customized beauty solutions to the new age consumer.Their site also provides a free E-cosmetologist consultations which you can use before ordering any product. They are also a featured brand in many magazines and they provide free shipping.

They also have a variety of products ranging from gels to serums to oils.


Product Description and Packaging

Drops of Glow is a an oil composition , skin brightening Oil treatment for Face and Body illumination. It is made with Chandan Kesar Thailum. it is a colorless fluid which has a very flowy and runny consistency. It is very runny and feels like an oil. It has a slight fragrance of saffron and sandal wood but it is not too strong.

It is sent by the brand in a jute bag with the bottle inside . Jute bag is reusable or can be used to keep the product stored away from sunlight .It comes in a black thickened glass bottle with paper covering having all the product details. It has a drop applicator to take the product as per need. I liked the quality of the bottle as it will keep the oil protect for longer periods. It is made of glass and the paper wrap is of good quality and does not get spoiled by the oiliness of the product.The product is made in India


  • Saffron
  • Red  Sandal Wood
  • Rose Petals
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Hibiscus Flower
  • Sandal Oil



All ingredients are naturally sourced and ISO certified products

Capture 2

Product Availability and Pricing

The product can be purchased from Amazon and also from their website http://www.bellavitaorganic.com . They have also provided their whats app no which responds instantly to any query that you have .

Drop of Glow , comes in 50ml bottle which will last for a long time and retails for Rs 699.


The Brand Recommends

This is an illuminating & moisturizing oil is n age old solution to revitalizing and  creating the perfect glow

Radical formulation for

  • Skin hydration
  • complexion Lightening
  • Blemish and Pigmentation Repair

Massage 2-4 drops of the product all over the face or on the desired areas daily.

How I Recommend to use

First of , I initially found this product to be very oily and runny but then I realised that Final I had taken too much of the product. So I controlled it to 2 drops as the brands suggest and voila the product was the best find for me.

I used it in the morning , two drops to my face to hydrate and plump it . This also helped me to get good base for the rest of the makeup . I also used a drop each on my shoulders and rubbed it in and used a highlighter over it and  it was a dream guys , The high light stayed on for hours together.

After a whole day at the beach after returning and body wash,  just before sleeping I use four drops on my face and neck and slowly massaged it in deeply. Initially you will get a oily feeling but trust me guys by morning it will make you skin so soft and supple and visibly brighter.

In one week you will start feeling the difference in the skin texture and my proof was that my daughter kept saying mumma is so soft and papa is so hard ( skin hard :).. haha)

NOte : the product contains sandal wood oil and Some can get allergic to sandal wood so it is better to do a patch test before you apply it to your skin .

Final Rating

This was the only product that I had used for my entire beach trip guys and trust me , I did not have a single issue of blotvhed skin , redness , or even skin irritation after a whole day in salty water. I used this product both day and night for makeup and skin care and totally loved it

My rating – 9.5/10

If you need a product that works as a two in one ,  for both makeup and skincare then this is the product for you. it might seem on the pricier end but after you have used it you will feel it was a valued buy.

Also since this is valentine’s week , this is the perfect gift for your wife , girlfriend , friend or mom . do visit their instagram page or facebook and their site for more details.

You can get this product at Amazon




Do you let me know have you guys heard of this brand . Have you tried any of the products , if so which was your favorites and also let me know whether you love to use saffron on your skin.

13 Replies to “Drops of Glow from Bellavita Organic”

  1. I would definitely try this out very soon since I have pigmentation around my nose and cheek area..hopefully this can help me get rid of it..


  2. Glad this product worked well for your skin. I am new to this brand but I’m intrigued and will definitely check out. Hope you had lovely vacation x


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