Lip Lightening Gel Scrub – NicoLips from Bellavita Organic

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Here’s  another winner from Bella Vita Organic that I absolutely loved using the past few weeks. For me pigmented lips were always a concerns since my childhood days , though it did not bother me then those days because I hardly used makeup and did not bother about my looks 🙂 . However since I have been addicted to makeup , I was not able to carry off my nude lipsticks and people used to keep asking me do you smoke or have you smoked and I was tired of telling them , I have dark pigmented lips .

Most Indian have dark pigmented lips either the full lips are dark or some like me have dark pigments around the corners.  I usually wear dark bright color like Reds , brown , purples to conceal this , but I did miss my nude pinks , shimmers lights . 

I recently came across this product from Bella Vita Organic , NicoLips – Lip Lightening Gel Scrub which surprised me.


This is honestly the first time that I am seeing a lip scrub gel for Nicotine stained lips or dark pigmented lips in the Indian market and I thought I would give this product a go and here is my review.

About the Brand

Bellavita Organic is an Indian Brand , that makes all natural products . All their products are free from SLES / Parabens and other harmful chemicals . Their philosophy Bella- Vita meaning The Good Life is dedicated to creating handcrafted  and organic beauty solutions inspired by the natural elements of the earth and age old beauty practices . The ingredients are sourced directly from the fields of Kerala & South East Asia , these products aim to bring unadulterated , customized beauty solutions to the new age consumer.Their site also provides a free E-cosmetologist consultations which you can use before ordering any product. They are also a featured brand in many magazines and they provide free shipping.

They also have a variety of products ranging from gels to serums to oils.


Product Description and Packaging

This product comes in a circular glass bottle which carries 20 g of the product. It is well packaged with all the product details mentioned on the paper wrapper. The product is closed with a white plastic mouth stopper to prevent the product from leaking and making the cap messy. It has the manufacturing date mentioned at the back with the expiry date which is really good.This can be used by men and women.It is small and travel friendly.

The product itself is a dark berry colored product with black scrub seeds . It is not runny but semi gel like texture. It has no distinctive smell but slight medicinal rose smell. It should not be consumed or licked which is mentioned clearly by the brand in the packaging.

Product Availability and Pricing

The product can be purchased from Amazon and also from their website . They have also provided their whats app no which responds instantly to any query that you have .

The Nicolips comes in 20g /,7 oz  bottle and cost 699Rs. It has an expiry of 2 years. 


  • AloeVera Gel
  • cucumber Gel
  • Glycerin
  • Carrot Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Rose Absolute
  • Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose (HEC)
  • Walnut Shell Powder’
  • Hydrated Silica
  • Cane Sugar
  • Sea Salt

Lets talk about a few of ingredients

Aloe + Cucumber Gel are the star content to reduce the stubborn dark spots on the lips . HEC – Thickening agent which has no harmful effect to skin , but ensure you wash off  the scrub completely off the lips

Rose + Carrot + Almond are the carrier Oils which are used in aromatherapy

Walnut Shell Powder is the scrubbing agent used for polishing the skin .


How the Brand Recommends Usage

Apply the Lip Scrub to your lips and massage in circular motions. Let it sit for 1-2 mins and then wash it off.

How I Like to use

When I initially used this product on my lips , my lips kind of burned , I thought I was having some kind of allergic reaction to it , so I washed it off immediately an the sting went . So I then reapplied it and the burning sensation lasted for 30 secs and then product then dried off and the burning went away. It tastes absolutely yucky almost like a medicine herb. Do not Lick or eat the product.

I rubbed it  and then massaged it for 30 secs in circular motions , rubbing it into the corners of my lips as those were the pigmented areas of my lips. Then I let it sit for 1 min. and wiped it off using a wet wipe and instantly my lips was pink and lighter and the dead skin was removed with soft smooth lips . I use this now at least once a week when I feel there are dead cells on my lips or the lips are peelings and this does the trick of cleaning and exfoliating my lips to give me smooth lips to apply my lipsticks.

Final Rating

I initially did not like the product because it caused the sting but after second use I have been using this product at least one a week and I have seen the difference on my lips because of the product.

My rating –  7.5 /10

I would recommend this to women and men who smoke and want to reduce the blackness of the lips. I would also recommend this to women who want to reduce the darker lip pigmentation.

You can buy this product at

Do comment and let me know if you liked this post and this product. Did Dark Pigmented lips ever bother you and have you done any measures to reduce them. Till my next post . Ciao Amigo

Luv Tess

13 Replies to “Lip Lightening Gel Scrub – NicoLips from Bellavita Organic”

  1. I thought lip scrubs can ònly scrub off upper layer /dead skin and can’t do anything on the hyperpigmentation as it’s something we wash off and is not a treatment. Such products look gimmicky to me but I would love to research more on the ingredients of this one. This is quite interesting.


  2. I really wanted a result oriented Lip scrub and one coming from bellavita sounds great. I too have partially pigmented lips and nude lipsticks doesn’t work well for me. I think I’ve got the resolution:)


  3. With so many amazing ingredients going into the making of the gel, it sounds like a sure winner.

    But maybe a smaller trial pack can work good for the brand for test marketing and allowing word of mouth to spread further. Grt insights.


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