Luxurious Body Wash from BodyCode – Ready to Bloom – 3 in 1 Body Wash

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There are those days when I am so tired from work and back home yet to find it a mess with my daughter toys all over and food to prepare. Another two hours of slogging and sweaty house work and all you want is a hot luxurious long bathe for yourself. I love to use a nice luxurious lathering body wash to cleanse my body to feel ever so clean and smell fresh as ever.

I recently received these body washes from Body Code and had been using them for almost a month now and finally sat down to review them . These definitely need to be reviewed and shared with all who love good skincare. i believe this is one of their signature star products in their whole range



About the Brand

They are an Indian brand who manufacturers luxurious range of body wash . Bringing the best in cosmetics , crafted with exotic ingredients from Mother Nature. Their products are available on Amazon , Flipkart and Purplle.


Product Description and Packaging

The “READY to BLOOM 3 in 1 Head to Toe” Wash is their star product which can be used as shampoo , body wash and face wash. it is infused with exotic body oils and has sunflower extracts leaving the body softy silk and smooth and refreshed .it has chamomile oil and candenula extracts which calms the body and leaves the body feeling energized.

The shower gel comes in 250ml plastic bottle. These are completely waterproof and well packaged. The directions and product details are engraved into the bottle so that soap or water does not affect the printing at all. the cap is a press cap type which dispenses the bottle . This is not completely leak proof. Sometimes can leak into the clothes if not packed well. Tightly close the cap and use a tape to cover the mouth.

Product Availability and Pricing

Bodycode products are available on Amazon , purplle and flipkart. You can also DM them on their instagram page @bodycodeindia .

Their body wash ranges are easily available and affordable starting at 250Rs – 350 Rs range depending on the product.


  • Chamomile oil
  • calendula Extract
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate
  • Cocoamide Propyl Betain
  • Decyl Glucoside
  • Gylcerin
  • PEG 400
  • PEG 40
  • hydrgenated castor oil
  • sodium chloride
  • phenoxyethanol centrimonium chloride
  • water
  • color C.I 15985



How the Brand Recommends Usage

Wet your skin in the shower or bath , lather some of the BODY CODE’s READY TO BLOOM Head to Toe Shampoo , Body Wash and Face wash on your hands and use either loofah or wash clothe to apply it to your skin. Rinse it off and pat it dry . Don’t rub , because rubbing takes away the moisture. use this product as shampoo , body wash and face wash .


How I Like to use

I am someone who travel quite a lot be it to my hometown or even short vacation trips and I am not a huge ardent fan of the sample size washes that we get at hotels. This product came as a star attraction to me because it instantly resolved three of my body concerns , hair + body and face. This 3 in 1 product can be used as a shampoo , face cleanser and body wash.

I love using one drop of this daily in the morning to cleanse my face of dirt , sebum and excess oils. I like to use just one drop as it lathers really well and is more than enough to clean the whole face. It is quite gentle and soft on skin and does not make the skin feel dry at all.

While taking a bath , I love to take a small quantity ( one tablespoon ) on to a bath sponge and lather it and then use it all over the body . It lathers quite easily and feels luxurious and soft  against the skin. the body feels instantly refreshed and relaxed.

I normally use my Color Treatment Hair Shampoos but during my travels I love to use to the Ready to Bloom 3 in 1 as a Shampoo as well , I like to take two drops of the wash and rub it into my hair scalp and roots and left over into the hair strands . leave it for 1-2 ,mins and then wash it off. This leaves my hair feeling totally clean and smelling good.



Final Ratings

I absolutely loved using the READY to BLOOM 3 in 1 Wash from BodyCode specially when I am travelling . I don’t need to carry multiple cleansers , face washes. All I need is this from Body Code and I am all set for the travel. This comes in very good quantity of 250 ml which is enough to last for  3 months at least  , as per individual use. It always leaves me feeling fresh and refreshed instantly and also gives me the feel of a luxurious shower which I love specially after a extra long day at work. 

My Rating ‘ 9.5/10

If you are someone who loves to have those special long luxurious bathe and loves the feel of soft lather against your skin , then this is the perfect product for you .This brings a new meaning to luxurious shower and elevates the whole experience. This is also a perfect gifting option for your mother or girlfriend and wife . Do let me know whether you loved the sound of this product and would you purchase this bottle of good happiness.

6 Replies to “Luxurious Body Wash from BodyCode – Ready to Bloom – 3 in 1 Body Wash”

  1. The product READY to BLOOM 3 in 1 Head to Toe” Wash looks promising from your experience. I really like that it can be used as shampoo , body wash and face wash.


  2. That is a nice range of products, though not personally used any of them. The 3 in one product really appeals to me as it is multifunctional. It is something that will be very convenient for us to carry during our travels.


  3. Best and quick way to rejuvenate urself after a tiresome day. But what I miss is a bathtub to enjoy the luxury of the soak. The product is a grt solution especially if family to travel and a one solution for every need and everyone. Unlike how it today. Everyone has a different brand for different purposes…sighhh


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