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We have been hearing so much news about farmers suicide and death across the states of India due to no repayment of loans , unable to sell crops , and non distribution of their yield and not getting the right prices for their produce . This is mainly due to the bigger retails stores and bigger brands coming up their readily available mixes which are more accessible to people.


Dr Trilochan Sastry( former Dean at IIM –  Bangalore )  started working with the farmers through a small NGO centre , CCD – Centre for Collective Development where they worked with over 25000 farmers across three states and from there Farmveda was born with the vision to bring the farmers to the next level of retail chain. The man behind the retail success of Farmveda Kaushalendra yadav along with Shiva Shukla , Maitri Gupta founded this in 2016.






Farmveda is a social entreprise now directly owned by the farmers where all the profits made go to the farmers with no middlemen in between. They are a high quality supplier of ready mixes and ready to eat foods that are ready to use , healthy to consume  and with no added preservatives.






Farmveda was opened way back in 2005 when farmers from Gunipalli in Anantapur District in AP decided to work together for their mutual benefit. Farmveda directly work with over 25000 small and marginal farmers with the huge mission of making the small farmers close to 110 millions prosperous and maintain their welfare just like Amul Diary made the diary farmers famous and uplifted their standards of living.


Though they have recently started they are already making their mark in the food world with their ready to eat mixes and foods being used at top notch 5 rated hotels such as Lemon Tree and Le Meridien. They have been endorsed by various celebrities and top professionals in various fields as healthy and nutritious. They also have multigrain and millent based mixes which are now being extensively incorporated into the healthy eating food cultures.


They are available on Big Basket , Namdharis Fresh and 400 other retail stores in Bangalore , Gurgaon , Hyderabad , New Delhi , Mumbai.

They have also been the food partners at Multi-national events such as TCS 10k Marathon and the Wipro Run which have more than 20000 participants average.

Lets see few of the products that they currently have

Ready to Cook Adai Dosa – Net weight 500g






These are perfect for a variety dosa breakfast , if you are bored of having the same plain ghee dosa. This has a slight spicy tangy flavour to it which makes your breakfast healthy and filling.

Ingredients – Rice , urad dal , toordal , moong dal , channa dal , hing,red chilli and salt

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Carbohydrates – 57.23g
  • Proteins – 16.79g
  • Fat – 15.55g
  • Total Energy – 436 kcal

Ready to Cook Ragi Idli

These are non spicy and perfect for kids tiffin and breakfast/lunch. They are healthy and tasty too and can be prepared and stored in fridge for days.






Ingredients – ragi ( Finger Millet), whole wheat grits , black gram, citric acid, sodium bi-carbonate , vegetable oil and salt

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Carbohydrates – 72.47g
  • Proteins – 15.47g
  • Fat – 1.61g
  • Total Energy – 365.45 kcal
  • Dietary Fibre – – 3.11g

Lemon Poha

These are the quickest and tastiest food that you can prepare. It has the authentic flavour of south indian Poha with the nutty bits of groundnuts and the crunch of curry leaves and mustard seeds. It take jusy 5 mins to prepare and does not even need any cooking preparation.






Ingredients – Rice Flakes , vegetable oil , green shillies, curry leaves , ginger , turmeric, lemon powder , mustard , urad dal , chana dal , salt , groundnut seed and sugar

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Carbohydrates – 59.94g
  • Proteins – 11.65g
  • Fat – 20.06g
  • Total Energy – 466.9 kcal

Ready to Eat Andhra Gunpowder

If you craving for some hot spicy chutney to eat with your rice , parathas or dosa / Idli , then this is perfect as it is instant mix. All you need to add is hot oil or hot ghee and it is ready to serve.






Ingredients – Toor Dal , Sugar ,Salt, Asafoetida, red chillies , curry leaves , malic acid and vegetable oil

Nutritional Information per 100g

  • Carbohydrates – 60.49g
  • Proteins – 20.18g
  • Fat – 8.04g
  • Total Energy – 399.04 kcal
  • Dietary Fibre – – 3.11g

You can read more about their food mixes and other available ready to eat foods on their website

They have been looking at the launch of new ready mixes and foods this year and I would love to see some kids friendly mixes come which are ready to cook for breakfast and tiffin with less /medium spiced taste. Tomato rice mix , sambar rice mix are some good flavoured mixes that I would like to see coming up.


Hope you loved the post and would love to be a part of this social cause and initiative to support the farmers of India and you don’t need to do this without something in for yourself, Getting to eat healthy food with no worries about preservatives or any added food agents which is perfect for family and kids. Also do let me know what kind of mixes you would like to see from Farmveda . Cheers to a healthy life and as they chant Annadata Sukti Bhava!!

Do not forget to subscribe to their page on youtube @ Farmveda

9 Replies to “The Farmer’s Value Market – Healthy Foods by Farmveda”

  1. Nice to see that Farmveda is eliminating the middlemen and hence ensuring better returns directly to the farmers. A very commendable initiative by the founders and the products, especially the instant mixes seem appealing, will be looking out for their products when shopping next time around.


  2. Farmveda is definetly a step towards improving the lives of our farmers since there is no middle man..will definetly check out their products


  3. Though I used to work with Tata Consultancy services, I had no idea about Farmveda. It’s good that you are raising awareness via your blog.


  4. Indeed framers will definitely benefited with this great initiative of Farmveda. And it’s great that it directly connect to farmer with customer


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