Go Green with Pink Premium Biodegradable Pads

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Have we done justice to our kids ??? Well we have the water day coming up next week and the earth day next month in April , are we living a green lifestyle yet. What have we done to reduce the environment footprint? We all remember the PADMAN movie , based on the real Feminine Hygiene Period Issue , how the affordable pads came to existence and how much it benefited the women giving them the sanitary comfort they needed . Today we are all comfortable using our plastic pads which are so easily available and ready to use and very affordable . but do we wonder whether it is piling up in a landfill or ending up in our precious water , plastic waste is always an issue. A small shift in the consumer mind is much needed and the push towards the use of organic and vegan products.

Women Planet Foundation have initiated a worthy cause by introducing a plastic free product essential and must use for women across India , let’s learn more about them.




Their vision is “Empower Women and you empower the world” . We have taken it upon ourselves to use The PINK PREMIUM Biodegradable Pads not only to save environment but to empower more women by implying manufacturing process with minimum machining.


A Healthy Girl , a Healthy India for every one of those women who are deprived of basic needs , for all those who are less fortunate to have enough information , hygiene and care. Right from providing free education to providing the basic hygiene needs to girls in the rural areas. Women Planet Foundation vows to take care of them through its activities and educational sessions. Every single pack that you buy helps to spread more Muskaan in India !

Social Presence


They are online on Facebook and Instagram.. you can find them @pinkpremiumpads. You can whatsapp them on +91-7043078137

You can visit their website @ www.pimkpremiumpads.com and email them for any queries at hello@pinkpremiumpads.com

Biodegradable Ultrathin Sanitary Napkins

These are ultrathin Napkins that are packed and marketed by Women Planet Incorporation in India and Packaged by Shravyaa & Shruthi Health and Hygine Solutions Pvt Ltd, these are available in three sizes in length

  • XXL – 320mm
  • XL – 280mm
  • L – 240mm
  • S – 175mm


These are packaged in a white paper box, with beautiful pink and gold design. Each pad comes in small brown paper with an open seal which can be used to dispose the waste. Each of these are denoted with the size which helps us to decide which to use which day.

You get three Pads for Rs 72 for three sizes ( XXL , XL & L ) or you can get the bigger box containing 10 with 4 sizes ( XXL, XL, L & S) for Rs 239 which can help the varying flow through your period .


  • These are biodegradable
  • No artificial color, no preservatives and zero plastic is used
  • Made from 100 % natural ingredients like plant cellulose, Natural Fibres ,Vegetable starch , oils
  • It is a 7 layered pad which is ultra-soft and rash free
  • Wider, leakproof design with longer hours of protection
  • ISO Certified with high quality
  • The most important thing is, it is handwoven by Women for the women with lots of love and care

How to dispose

Wrap the pad in a circle tightly with the stained part inward, seal it in tightly and dispose it easily.

My experience

I used the different sizes across the varying cycles of my periods, they did help me remain hygiene and clean through the time. The absorption capacity was quite good. I could use it up-to 6 hours straight on a heavy flow day if I had no options to change. I would of course always suggest to keep changing and not use for a long period but if circumstances are such then this one holds like for a busy day at office etc. For me the plus point was that it was not bulky at all and ultra thin and comfortable to use.

Once used, the disposal was quite easy, paper bags were of good quality and did not tear. The seal needs to be removed only at the time of disposal and not before.

My Final Verdict

It is inspiring to see how these women come together to work towards a common goal which can make a huge difference. If you are someone who has always been wondering how do I as a single person contribute to environment and a people service cause. Well this is the best way, you get these affordable pads which are 100% natural and biodegradable and every pack that you buy funds a woman somewhere in India and helps spread a smile.

No matter how small or big , even if we are doing it from home let’s play our part in supporting a green environment and making the world a safer and healthier place for our children

If you wish to join the movement, visit www.womenplanet.org . Make a responsible choice.

Lotsa love Tess

14 Replies to “Go Green with Pink Premium Biodegradable Pads”

  1. You all have been using plastic sanitary napkins for ages now this is indeed a very thoughtful and a revolutionary move thanks for introducing me to this biodegradable sanitary napkins I would love to try them out


  2. With so much hype going around with cups and what not, bio-degradable sanitary pads were much needed. This would be a fab choice for those for a large percentage of female population.


  3. It’s great to see many organizations coming up with more and more ideas to go green and do something for our environment. These biodegradable pads look great, however, I find the price a little bit on the higher side. Still, it’s a superb move by Women Planet Incorporation in India for creating a greener planet.


  4. That’s great initiative by Women Planet Foundation. Indeed the biodegradable pads is best way to lessen the load of plastic pollution


  5. Plastic is indeed the scourge of the planet earth. We need to do whatever possible to ensure that the use of plastic is minimized if not eradicated. it is heartening to note that the Women Planet Foundation has introduced bio-degradable pads.


  6. There is so much of evolution happening there and this change is definitely a pleasant one. You have opened up the discussion to yet another vital topic. I am sure this post will go to many and educate many more. Thanks for sharing.

    Utpal Khot


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