100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel – Fruit of the Earth – From Guardian SG Stores

We all have breakouts at some point or the other, some of us in our teens , some in our adulthood when we feel we escaped the horrors of acne or some like ME when we get our monthly periods. Trust me guys when I have been saying , don’t know if it is because I entered into my 30s or what I have been having a hell lotta breakouts specially during my monthly periods and by the time the acne marks heals its time for my next …. So I figured that I need a instant solution and a long term one so that I am just follow it every time this happens. Well I finally figured it .. ALOEVERA GEL .. Its your Lifesaver Guys , you should have a bottle of this lying somewhere in your home , does not matter where but somewhere within your reach and if you have kids well then all the more reason for you to have this at your home. I have reviewed one of the brands of Aloe Vera Gel that I love using here in Singapore and which is readily available at your health stores.

About the Brand

Fruit of the Earth is a US Based Product , Manufactured and Made in USA.


Product Description and Packaging

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel has no core additives and zero additives. It has no chemicals and is hundred percent pure. it gives a refreshing experience for your skin and leaves the skin drenched with moisture. It is made from Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves and provides an oil oily moisturizing directly to your skin.  It has no fragrance and no color added. It also contains no Alcohol on it.

It comes in a transparent plastic bottle of 170g net weight 6 oz with a blue sturdy cap that closes with a nice click.

Product Availability and Pricing

This product is available on Guardian SG , Watson SG , Unity SG , Amazon SG , IHerb SG




Aloe Vera Gel


Tocopheryl Acetate


Tetrasodium EDTA

Diazolidinyl Urea

DMDM Hydrantoin

How the Brand Recommends Usage

Natural Moisture for your skin for sunburn , insect bites , minor skin burns .

How I Like to use

This is how I love to use this product..

  1. Acne – I love to use this when I have Acne breakout on my skin specially when I have Acne with pus , I use this directly on the affected areas twice daily
  2. I also use this when I have dry scalp and need to moisture my dry scalp
  3. I Love to hydrate and moisturize my skin overnight using this product

But Aloe Vera has many other uses , it can be used for sunburns , Insect bites , reduce the redness of the skin , tightening of the pores.

Final Ratings

Whenever I use this on my acne I always find that my acne disappears in max two days so definitely this is a must BUY for me , I will definitely repurchase this and use this for my skincare need. You should always have a bottle of Aloe vera gel handy with you at all times specially if you have kids at home and they fall quite often.


This 100% Aloe vera Gel from Fruit of the Earth is definitely a WIN WIN for me.

14 thoughts on “100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel – Fruit of the Earth – From Guardian SG Stores

  1. I have always found Aloe Vera based products good. This one too looks like a good moisturizer that has the goodness of Aloe Vera in it.


  2. This brand is so new to me but it seems a great product. I love using products with aloe vera gel, will surely give it a try


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